Cemetery Family Gatherings

Are you getting together with family & friends at the cemetery,… to spend some time at the final resting place of a loved one ?

Still Water Ministries is available to provide a Prayer Service and Blessing at individual gravesites anywhere in Hawaii,… long after a funeral has taken place,… as a confirmation and meaningful reminder of a love that never ends.

You are forever loved and never forgotten…

As part of the grieving and healing process, having a post-funeral Blessing and Prayer Service is often very helpful to friends and loved ones, as they gather together to remember and celebrate special days, such as: Anniversary Dates, Veterans Day, Valentines Day, Christmas, Easter, or any other holiday or meaningful family occasion.

Still in our hearts


The Prayer Service includes a complete field/portable Altar Set-up (Cross, candles, flowers, and linen) Scripture readings, Christian hymns, a time for individual remembrance, and soft Christian music (recorded) throughout the on-site service.

The Formal Blessing consists of select prayers and may include the sprinkling of water over the memorial and people (if desired).

The Prayer Service and Blessing lasts between 20-30 minutes.


The Blessing and Prayer Service can be held as a one time occasion, or it can be scheduled regularly (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, etc.) as desired.

Suggested donation/honoraria: $75.00 per Prayer Service/Blessing

For additional details, call or email us at (808) 347-6615 / swmcpc7@gmail.com



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