FAQ (questions)

Q:  Are you a Catholic or a Protestant Church?

A:  We are not Catholic or Protestant,… just Christian.   Although we have benefitted much from the various Catholic and Protestant traditions, our allegiance is to God only,… not to any local, regional, or worldwide church authority.  We are simple Christians, who follow a perfect Savior, with single-heartedness.

And we are not a “Church,”… we are a “Ministry.”  Although we do many of the same things that a large church does,… we are not tied to a physical church location or building.  We go out into the community, bringing the church and its associated pastoral services to the people,… wherever they are and whenever needed. 

Q:   What Creeds do you follow?

A:   We do not have any ecclesiastically binding creeds.   That does not mean that we are opposed to the use of creeds, but only that we do not require conformity to the exact words of any one theological creed.   One creed that we pray regularly as a “general” Statement of Faith is the historic Apostle’s Creed

Q:  What is a “Field Chapel?”

A:  A “Field Chapel” is sometimes used to describe a mobile church.   Under a “Field Chapel” concept, the church and its pastoral services are taken to the people,… as opposed to the people having to go to a church location.   A “Field Chapel” can be set up just about anywhere, indoors or outdoors.  This can be very helpful for the disabled and those who have mobility issues where travel to a church location would be uncomfortable or medically unsafe.    

Q:  Do you believe in the Saints?

A:     The saints are friends of Jesus and can be great Christian examples that we can learn from by a careful study of their lives.  However, if our lips are moving in prayer, our petitions are directed solely to Jesus.   We are comforted in knowing that we can communicate with Jesus, our only intercessor and mediator, anytime. 

Q:  What do you believe about Mary?

A:  We give Blessed Mary a special place of honor as the Mother of God the Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We have devoted an entire separate tab to Mary.   Please visit “About Mary” on this website.

Q.  Do I have to confess my sins before I can participate in the Lord’s Supper (Communion)?

A:  If you know that you have unconfessed sin,… then yes.  We should never receive the Bread of Life in an unworthy manner (1 Cor 11:27).  There are four (4) simple and effective ways to confess your sins and receive the Lord’s forgiveness,… either one will work just fine:

  1. Personally, with a repentant heart and a firm purpose of amendment, personally confess your sins directly to God wherever you are (sooner is always better than later).  This is the preferred method.
  2. In Community (together with others), quietly confess your sins to God at the Worship Service during the General Confession Prayer, prior to the Lord’s Supper/Communion.
  3. Privately, confess your sins to one another as fellow believers.
  4. Confess your sins to the Minister, Pastor, or Chaplain (in a semi-private place) prior to the start of the Worship Service when the Lord’s Supper/Communion will be offered.   Some people find this method helpful as it allows them to “hear“… from the Minister,… that God has forgiven their sins.   Sometimes people need a little help in bringing out their sins, offering prayers of remorse, and then giving prayers of thanksgiving for God’s forgiveness. Those who do may find this particular approach to confession helpful.   Important:  While this method of confession is always available,… it is never demanded or required.

Whichever method of confession you prefer, it is important to remember that it is God,… and only God,… who forgives you of any sin.   The Minister is merely a sign of God’s merciful love and one of the instruments He uses to compassionately lead all people to healing and a greater love for each other.  

Q.  Baptism – Who can receive it?

A:  Nowhere in the words of the Bible is baptism restricted explicitly, implicitly, or even conceptually to only adult believers.  And nowhere in the Bible is baptism or made an absolute requirement for infants.   As such, we propose that based on the words and/or concepts within Scripture, the Sacrament/Ordinance of Baptism should be available to anyone who wants it.

Our objection is not with Believers Baptism or Infant Baptism,… Full-Immersion or Pouring/Sprinkling,… or whether it is symbolic or regenerative. Our objection is with church/organizational authority that makes the Sacrament/Ordinance of Baptism an “exclusive” process or privilege of a specific church/denomination,… such as you must belong to that particular church (or denomination) in order to get baptized by their minister,… or it is delayed or even denied.  

Church organizations / denominations should stop playing politics with the Sacrament/Ordinance of Baptism (based on membership).   If a church (or denomination) holds to the doctrine that baptism is a commandment from our Lord and is necessary for salvation (and many church denominations profess it is), how could they possibly deny it to someone just because of denominational affiliation or membership?  That is absolutely shameful and maybe even sinful.

Still Water Ministries-Indiana Pastoral Care offers an “inclusive” approach to baptism, in the Trinitarian formula, to anyone who desires it with no restrictions.  Just repent and be baptized!

  • For adult believers, we offer Baptism with full body water immersion. 
  • If full body water immersion is medically unsafe (seniors / handicapped), we offer pouring or sprinkling.

Please call for an appointment and a brief overview of this foundational sacrament/ordinance.  


Q.  Can I re-marry in your Church/Ministry ?

A.  Yes,… we permit the remarriage of divorced persons after a brief period of counseling to ensure everyone understands what a marriage is in the eyes of the Lord.

Q.  Is an annulment required before I can re-marry ?

A.  No, we do not require annulments.   Occasionally we get asked by those who are divorced if they can get married again, without their previous marriage being annulled.

  • For starters, we are not comfortable in saying that a marriage did or did not exist for a given sum of money  (costs associated with the review, interview, administrative, and investigative phases of the annulment process).
  • Secondly, the annulment process often creates more problems than it solves by opening up old wounds & painful memories during the interview/investigative phase.  This tempts people to lie or bend the truth just to obtain a favorable outcome in the quickest amount of time.  This is not good.
  • Lastly, we believe in the words of Jesus that all sin is forgivable to the person with a repentant heart.

In light of this, we do not require annulments as a pre-condition to marriage.   We want you to move forward with your life,… not get bogged down or stagnate in complicated/difficult Church rules, regulations, laws, and requirements.

Q:   Do you charge for your services?

A:  Just like any other church or Christian organization, we are dependent on donations from those we serve for our transportation costs, supplies, and materials.  While our overhead is much less than that of a large church, it still costs to keep a ministry going.  Without the people’s generosity, we would not be able to continue our work of brining the church and pastoral care/services to the people.

Our suggested donation/honoraria are as follows:

  • Worship Service (on-site, indoors or outdoors, at your preferred location):  $125.00
  • Weddings:  $250.00
  • Wedding Rehearsals:  $75.00 each
  • Marriage Vow Renewals: $150.00
  • Funerals & Memorial Services:  $225.00
  • Cemetery Gravesite Tribute (Prayer Service and Blessing):  $75.00
  • Roadside Memorial Tribute (Prayer Service and Blessing):  $75.00
  • Pastoral Visits to the Sick (Homes, Care Centers, Hospitals, and Hospice Centers for bedside prayer and annointing):  $25.00
  • Baptisms/Dedications:  $50.00
  • Blessings (home, automobile, expectant mothers, pets, family, items, etc.):  $25.00
  • Devotional Prayer and Worship gift cards (sent directly from our office, gifted in your name, to whoever you desire): $10.00 each.  They are 5×7 in size, are very beautifully designed, and make a very impacting and inspirational gift.

As you can see, our prices are very reasonable.

Call, text, or email us if you have a specific question.

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