Roadside Memorial Tributes

There’s a good chance that you have seen a “Roadside Memorial” when driving around Indiana. Roadside Memorials,… or Markers and Shrines as they are sometimes called,… are usually set-up at or near where a person was last alive.

Roadside Memorials can play a significant role in the grieving and healing process for those who have lost a loved one. They give tribute to the deceased and are very meaningful reminders of a love that will never end.

Still Water Ministries-Indiana Pastoral Care is available to conduct Prayer Services and Blessings at Roadside Memorials, anywhere. The service includes a Formal Blessing for all family and friends who are present as well.


The Prayer Service includes a complete portable/field Altar Set-up (Cross, candles, flowers, and linen) Scripture readings, Christian hymns, a time for individual remembrance, and soft Christian music (recorded) throughout the on-site service.

The Formal Blessing consists of select prayers and may include the sprinkling of water over the memorial and people (if desired).

The Prayer Service and Blessing lasts between 20-30 minutes.

Set-up anywhere
beautiful Field Altar


Blessings and Prayer Services for Roadside Memorials can be done as a one time thing,… or it can be scheduled monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually,… or on any meaningful day or special family remembrance/occasion.

For additional details, call or email us at

Office: (812) 518-3953

Text: (808) 347-6615



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